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 Legacy Builders is a 501c3 organization that provides resources through curriculum-based courses encompassing education, financial literacy, career development, health and wellness and life skills.  In each course we incorporate articulation, education and implementation specifically designed for youth.  


The programs, activities, and event offerings provided by this organization were created with the expectation that each young person would be educated, informed and inspired. By coming together with a passion for this common cause, we are assured that our efforts are impactful within the community.


Mission: Our mission is to supply our curriculum-based courses to the local communities and schools to give our youth options and opportunities to exceed and excel in life.  Our desire is to foster relationships with organizations, businesses, and others to create programs that are designed specifically for the youth through articulation, education, and implementation.


Purpose: Our purpose is to serve as a conduit for the community by creating and developing courses that prepare and equips young people to have the best possible life.  We are a village that is dedicated and committed to fulfilling the needs that cultivates the next generation. 

Pledge: “We pledge to uplift, too uphold, to encourage and empower each another, to live their purpose, on purpose, while helping one another leave a legacy.”

Our Team


Troy T. McClain, Jr.

Executive Director


Twan " Lady T" Richardson

Director of Administration 


Events Gallery

What They're Saying

"I met women that are successful and told me that I can be successful too."

"I had a great time at the Ladies and Legacy Luncheon. I met women that are successful and told me I can be successful too. I enjoyed the food and the bus ride was fun. My favorite thing is my custom journal that I now write my dreams and goals in.  This was my first time going to anything like this and I want me and all my friends to come to the next one. I was inspired."

Victoria D.

15 years old

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